Panasonic Logo – Panasonic Corp. is a multinational company headquartered in Kadoma (Osaka, Japan), and formerly Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Konosuke Matsushita was born in November 1894 south of Osaka . He began working as an apprentice in a shop Hitachi. Upon reaching adolescence, Konosuke got a job in the Osaka Electric Light Company as an assistant coach of wiring, where its rapid learning was promoted several times.

However, following his father’s advice about the advantages of being an entrepreneur, on June 15th of 1917 left the security of a well paid job to start his own company manufacturing electrical accessories. The company received the name of Matsushita Electric Devices Manufacturing Works. In 1922 Konosuke was the need to build a new factory and office to accommodate its growing business.

During the early lamps were sold bicycles under the brand name National and electric irons. Later, radios and batteries of cells. In 1929, Konosuke changed the company name to Matsushita Electric Manufacturing Works, defined the basic management philosophy contained in the basic purpose of administration, the seven principles and the corporate motto to guide the growth of Matsushita.

Early in the decade of the years 1950, Matsushita begins production of electric washing machines and televisions due to the explosive popularity of electric appliances. The first black and white television began marketing in 1952 and then in 1960 introduced color television. In all these years, other group companies established Matsushita Electric. In 1954 acquires 52% of Japan Victor Co. (JVC) and in 1959 established Matsushita Electric Corporation of America in New Jersey, USA. States. and create other companies in the Americas. In October 2008, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd changes name to Panasonic Corporation, a name that is known worldwide.