northwest airlines logo
Northwest Airlines logo
Northwest Airlines was a major American airline headquartered in Eagan, Minnesota, with three major axes in the United States: Detroit International Airport, Minneapolis-Saint Paul and Memphis International Airport. Upon completing its merger with Delta Airlines, Northwest was the fifth largest airline in the world with over 1,500 daily flights.

Northwest Airlines Logo

NWA also operates flights in the Asian region making use of the Narita International Airport (Tokyo) as a base. Also operated transatlantic flights and flights Asian cooperation with partner KLM from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. The airline was the only one of the 6 major U.S. airlines, which had no airport in the area of the city of New York as the main focus of operations but this has changed because now with the Delta International Airport John F . Kennedy is one of the major hubs of the airline.

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In addition to operating one of the largest domestic routes in the U.S., Northwest Airlines carried more passengers across the Pacific (5.1 million in 2004) than any other U.S. airline, was carrying more cargo air than any other airline. Regional flights for Northwest Airlines operating as Northwest Airlink by Pinnacle Airlines, Mesaba Airlines and Compass Airlines. Its frequent flyer program is called WorldPerks, and members lounge called WorldClub. 

Northwest Airline Logo Symbol

Northwest Airlines Logo Large


The Northwest Airlines logo was designed by Landor Associates. The company has updated the symbol several times ever since its incorporation. The first-ever symbol was incorporated in 1920 and it was updated later in 1903’s the exact year is not known. In 1989 the company designed a new logo with the circular emblem having a capital letter ‘N’ and an upside-down triangle which depicted the direction of the compass and it also implied a letter ‘W’ when combined with ‘N’.

The current Symbol has the same ring but the outline is changed to grey and the color of the triangle is red and the letter ‘N’ is replaced with ‘n’ and the ‘Northwest Airline’ is replaced with ‘nwa’.

Northwest Airline Logo Fonts

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The Northwest Airlines logo fonts are not very complex it was designed in 1968 by Adrian Frutiger and they are called Frutiger Ultra-Black. The fonts used earlier were in capital letters and they used the full name of the Company but later in 2010 the logo was changed and the new fonts that the company use has three letters ‘nwa’ and they are all in small letters and are black in color.

Northwest Airline Logo Emblem

Old Northwest Airlines Logo


The Northwest Airlines logo uses very graceful emblem it consists of a red circular ring in which a letter ‘N’ is inscribed and a triangle facing downward that depicts the direction of the compass and it also forms a letter ‘W’ when attached with ‘N’.