Nordstrom Logo – Nordstrom, Inc. is a chain of luxury stores department in the United States. Initially a shoe retailer, the company today also sells clothing, accessories, handbags, jewelry, cosmetics, fragrances, and in some places, furniture for the home. Nordstrom competes at a price level lower than Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue, at a price slightly higher than Lord and Taylor. The corporate headquarters and flagship store are located in the center of Seattle, Washington.

John W. Nordstorm with family Lafayette Boston first arrive in the United States in the late nineteenth century in search of gold in Alaska, as was the case with many immigrants in the country at that time. Nordstrom made ​​a total of $ 13,000, and with his new wealth, opened a shoe store in 1901 called Wallin & Nordstrom. John W. Nordstrom was an immigrant Swedish (His name at birth was “Johan Nordström” in which he anglizó John Nordstrom). He was born in the village of Ale, near Lulea in northern Sweden, and emigrated to Sweden at the age of 16. Carl Wallin, the co-founder of the store, he owned a store in Seattle repair footwear. Twenty years later, opened a second store shoe.

In 1928, John W. Nordstrom retired and sold his shares to his two sons, Everett and Elmer (according to the book The Nordstrom Way). In 1929, Wallin retired and sold the rest of its shares to the two sons of Nordstrom. In 1933 Lloyd Nordstrom joined the company. Thirty-one years later, Nordstrom expanded to eight stores in two states, but only sold shoes. He started selling clothing in 1963 when the store bought Best Apparel of Seattle. In 1969 company name changed to Nordstrom Best.

Two years later the company went public. (Now marketed under the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol JWN.) In 1973, “Best” was eradicated in the name. In 1976, Nordstrom opened a series of stores called Place Two to sell a limited section of clothing in small markets. In 1983, there were ten Place Two stores, but at the end of 1994 there were only four, and failed to open such shops.

Today, Nordstrom has decided to grow methodically and organically, avoiding the growth of the benefit of acquisitions of other companies, started its expansion in 1975 in Alaska, southern California in 1978, northern California in 1982, on the east coast in 1988, the Midwest in 1991, Texas in 1996 and Southeast in 1998. Usually the company has always built its stores from zero. Nordstrom has grown from a shoe store downtown Seattle to a chain of luxury stores nationwide, with the best selections of apparel, shoes and accessories for the whole family. Currently, Nordstrom operates 105 full stores, 51 Nordstrom Rack stores, two Jeffrey Boutiques, one shoe store and two clearance stores. On September 7 of 2007 Nordstrom opened its first store in Massachusetts at the newly renovated Natick Collection, becoming one of the most successful openings in Nordstrom history. Just at the opening gala, Nordstrom helped raise $ 2,500,000 for the Museum of Science Boston and the Boston Ballet . Nordstrom plans to open 50 stores over the next 10 years and has already published the opening of 26 stores by 2011. Among them will be in Birmingham, Phoenix, Naples, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, St. Louis and Nashville.