Nike logo is a multinational company founded in 1968 by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman, known for its brand of clothing, footwear and other sporting goods. Founded by Phil Knight, a graduate of the University of Oregon, when he traveled to Japan to get U.S. distribution for footwear Onitsuka Tiger signature, by then one of the most renowned. Knight got the distribution to be made ​​under the name in the United States of “Blue Ribbon Sports” or BRS. It was not until the mid-60 that the former coach of Knight joins the company bringing his philosophy on sport and technical knowledge about the sport. At that time, Nike was founded is named after the Greek goddess of victory, Nike, and Bowerman became the main source of development for the company.

Bill Bowerman, track coach at the University of Oregon, invented the shoes with waffle soles. Obsessed by the weight of shoes a day in a waffle iron melt rubber and gives rise to the durable outsole, lightweight and excellent traction. Some models of the 70 shoes: LD-1000, Daybreak, Oregon Waffle, Waffle Racer Cortez Nylon.

Entered the 70, cuts ties with Nike Onitsuka and decided to launch its footwear lines alone. Knight developed the marketing strategy and place a representative of the firm that moves by the teams and universities. The brand gained popularity and began to sell other sports equipment such as shirts and bags.

In the early 80’s was popularized in the United States the use of athletic footwear for everyday use and this along with the sponsorship strategies Nike makes U.S. households arrive in bulk. A mid 80’s, the company is facing a crisis at the hands of its competitor Reebok, this will be overcome with the recruitment in 1985 of an unknown basketball player then called Michael Jordan to take the brand to unprecedented levels to market time. In these five years is when they created the most famous advertising slogan of the brand, “Just Do It” even recognized as independent mark in many areas.

In recent years, has shifted its business focus from production, which currently is provided by external companies, the image of brand, symbolizing the spirit of sport and self-improvement.