Nike Air Jordan Logo – Nike Air Jordan is a line of shoes for basketball brand Nike , hit named Michael Jordan , player of the Chicago Bulls in the NBA . The authentic shoes Michael Jordan ‘s Shoe’s “47” and are marked “Made in America” ​​behind the tongue, these pairs are generally unmarketable for historical reasons by the NBA and Nike .

The Jordan Brand was created in 1997 in partnership with Nike , the logo of Nike , the Swoosh no longer appear on products of the Jordan brand, only the Jumpman is listed, this is a continuation of a very lucrative combination between the two partners since 1984.
The success was so great from the start, more than 153 million in sales the first year, as many experts question whether it’s Nike that made ​​Jordan or Jordan who Nike fact, probably a little of both.

In 1984, Michael Jordan drafted in the NBA in 3 th position in an e round by the Chicago Bulls and freshly Olympic Champion Basketball arrives anonymously at Chicago after the games to begin the pre-season training. Contract with a $ 4 million over five years (which is a record for a back then), he just signed a contract a month ago of 2.5 million over five years with Nike under which the influence of his agent always David Falk decided to create a line in his name.

Yet the case was not in the pocket, far away, Michael played in college in Converse , who had already contracted the big stars of the era ( Magic Johnson , Larry Bird …), and wanted to sign in Adidas , which already remunerated the other big star then dominant Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to the tune of $ 100,000 per year. Adidas laughed in their faces, Falk determined to see the project through its offer presented to Nike , whose sales s’ gradually collapsed, Michael did not also meet the bosses of the firm of Oregon if his mother Deloris had not pushed the plane.

The firm, which then had at the time by a margin of $ 2.5 million in its budget and looking for a sponsorship spearhead concluded the deal, but Nike his conditions, Michael had to be All-Star or All-NBA First Team in three years and Jordan shoes would sell for at least $ 3 million in three years or they would withdraw their balls. For the record, Michael did not like his first shoes, unusual for its time, declaring that these were the colors of the devil (in reference to the colors black and red) and it would look a clown. Never mind, the NBA put Michael fined for breach of the color (which stupulait a player must play with white shoes), 1000 dollars and 5000 dollars per game that Nike decided to pay. The best publicity for the brand Swoosh who threw a spotlight proclaiming: “The NBA forbids him to wear them but it can not prohibit you from wearing the Air Jordan “.

Fortune, put on sale in six major cities of United States including Chicago on an e April 1985, 450,000 pairs were sold in one month, from July in all the country, 3 million pairs a year, hopes were starting to sell 100,000 max. By 1987, the second model, Tinker Hatfield supported the design and the design of Air Jordan whose logo was at the time in two wings emerging from a basketball, the purists were elected according to ESPN magazine the largest pair of sneakers of all time. In 1988, the Air Jordan is sold worldwide and it has become a tradition to release the new model year (which was subsequently déclinne in a multitude of colors and adjustments) during the NBA All-Star Game .

It is precisely this year, moreover, that the Jumpman made ​​his appariton in association with the swoosh until the disappearance of this product from Jordan in 1992 a good year for the development of the NBA and the interests of Nike through the notoriety of Jordan, it’s doubled in the year of NBA, Olympic double for Jordan in Barcelona with the famous Dream Team and media-a thunderclap when Jordan refuses to get on the podium with the sweat of U.S. team, which is sponsored by Reebok the most direct competitor corriace will require the intervention of the CEO-founder Phil Knight for Jordan to go on the Olympic podium to receive his gold medal adorned with an American flag on shoulders to hide the initials of the rival, but back then everything was plotting behind the scenes, the world saw that there was a fire.

In 1993, during his first retirement from basketball, Nike Jordan reaffirms its support for whatever he undertakes to do and the terms of a contract concluded in 1989, when Michael had failed to slam the door to start his own label (JUMP: Jordan Universal Marketing and Promotion) are still at large, $ 20 million per year and 6% of royalities on the sale of products, besides the Chicago Bulls also continues to pay his salary of nearly $ 4 million and let in the workforce (in case a comeback attempt on), the action Nike collapses, republication of old models like the Air Jordan 1 is a flop, even sold off at $ 20, but the best is to come.

The temptation of baseball does not last long, the return is March 19, 1995, the action Nike soaring and sales, sporting achievements of Jordan naturally leads both parties to agree on launch a franchise based on the Jordan bases and sub-strucutres to Nike . It is the creation of the Jordan Brand with Tinker Hatfield is still the leader of a team of designers-off peers.

The brand itself is sometimes a tenth of the income of the American giant of the sports shoe in the world, generating hundreds of millions of dollars per year in 2009, the Jordan Brand exceeds one billion dollars in sales The success was immense, Jordan said he had to continue to be him even to develop its brand, that is to say, playing golf and smoking cigars luxury between matches of his team, the Charlotte Bobcats and the Grand Prix motorcycle in his stable AMA Superbike , the Michael Jordan Motorsports team whose logo is a derivative of Jumpman .