Napoli Logo – The Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli is a club football in Italy , the city of Naples in the region of Campania . It was founded in 1926 (refounded in 2004 ) and plays in the Serie A Italian. The club has won two scudetti , 3 Cups Italy and an Italian Supercup . Internationally, he won a UEFA Cup , a Cup of the Alps and an Anglo-Italian League Cup . Historically it is the ninth most successful club in Italy and the best in the south .

The “ancestor” of SSC Napoli, Naples FBC, wearing a blue striped shirt and blue. When, in 1911 , there was a split of the members Neapolitans, who founded the U.S. Internazionale Napoli, chose the midnight blue. In 1922 the two teams came together again in a single club, FBC Internaples, adopting blue as the official color. In 1926 , when the name was changed to AC Napoli, this color was confirmed by President Ascarelli and since then the first kit has always been composed of white-blue shirt, white shorts and blue socks. Until the early 1980′s , T-shirts generally wore a white v-neck and edges the same color.

However, there are two exceptions: in the season 1964/65 President Roberto Fiore, to promote good luck, decided to use a white shirt with a blue band falling at an angle from left to right in the season 2002/03 was used a uniform shirt with blue and white stripes, a la Argentina , blue pants, white socks and black.