M&M’s Logo – M&M’s are small pieces of chocolate with milk, sugar coated, produced by Mars Incorporated, popular in many countries around the world. The candies were originally made ​​in six colors : red, orange, yellow, green, brown, and blue. (The candy peanut were made ​​in the same colors). There are several variations, but are difficult to find: chocolate – mint, sweet milk, caramel, almond, peanut butter, chocolate white (with and without peanuts), milk chocolate with puffed rice and chocolate dark.

The M&M’s are based on the “Smarties” English. Forrest Edward Mars saw soldiers during the Spanish Civil War eating chocolate-covered balls of sugar is prevented embarrara fingers. After the Americans Forrest Mars and R. Bruce Murriec bought in 1939 the rights, introduced the product to market U.S. under another name because it was selling candy by the name of Smarties. To name the brand used the initials of their last names: M and M.

The M&M’s were first sold in the United States in 1941. In early 1950 the United States, the M&M’s got a rapid growth in popularity among citizens, thanks in part to the rise of television. In 1954, were introduced in the market for chocolate candy with peanuts, and continued to increase sales of both varieties. That same year, are the characters of M&M’s and its famous slogan “The milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand”, which debuted in advertising. In 1960, the traditional brown peanut candies added three new colors: red, green and yellow. In 1972, the company mascot plasma M&M’s on the packaging of the chocolates, which soon would join the orange wrapper.

That same year, the red color was removed from the variety of chocolate confectionery due to the controversy surrounding the red dyes in foods, although this dye was not used in the candy M&M’s. However, it was decided to eliminate this color to avoid consumer confusion. Aunqe still, in some places, you could find them.