Michelin Logo – Michelin is primarily a manufacturer of tires . Founded in 1889 in Clermont-Ferrand ( France ), with the development of bicycle tires , is the largest in the world along with Bridgestone . The company France has interests in various categories of motorsport , especially in the motorcycling World Championship and Rally .

The mascot of this company is called Bibendum , a white character that consists of many tires. The bulky form of this likeable character has led to call Michelin to excess adipose around the waist (mostly in Spain , Latin America they are called simply wheels or tires ).

As of 2007 Michelin holds the record for the largest tire manufactured, this tire is fitted 59/80R63 that the dump giant Caterpillar 797B model, used in mining excavation. Each tire weighs 5 tons, is 4 feet in diameter and 1.48 meters wide, with an inflation pressure of 6.5 bar. The cost of each of these tires is around 30,000 euros.

As a sideline, Michelin made ​​editions of travel guides, restaurant guides and road maps, the most sold is known as the Michelin Guide . Has recently been introduced in the software market driving aid by GPS and making automatic road routes through the site (ViaMichelin), in collaboration with Tele Atlas . The last time I was at the Formula 1 was in 2006 . Recently, Mark French announced it was considering re-entering the top flight of motor racing in 2011 replacing Bridgestone , which announced it would not continue in the competition beyond 2010 .