Miami Marlins Logo – The Marlins Miami are a team of baseball of Major League Baseball located in Miami, Florida. Founded in 1993 as the Florida Marlins and renamed in November 2011, this franchise has two wins in World Series (1997 and 2003).

The franchise installed at Dolphin Stadium, renovated to accommodate baseball, began its activities in 1993. The Marlins are needed from their first Major League game on April 5 deal with Los Angeles Dodgers (12-8) but balances sports end of season remain poor for four years. Even receding side of the crowd after some excellent figures on the occasion of the inaugural season (average of 37,838 per game), fans are rarer then (average of 20,993 per game in 1995).

In 2003, the Marlins reissued their shot in 1997. Wild card surprise, the franchise won its second World Series against the New York Yankees in six games. The arrivals of the recipient Iván Rodríguez and outside of the field- Juan Pierre partly explain this performance. As usual, Floridians fail to chain after this success, and plunged back into the rankings. In 2007, the Marlins do not record 71 wins and 91 defeats.

On 11 November 2011, the new colors and the new team logo will be revealed. The franchise is officially renamed Miami Marlins, a condition for public funding of a new baseball stadium. The team will open a new field, the Miami Ballpark, on 4 April 2012 during a visit to the St. Louis Cardinals.