Mentos Logo – Mentos is a brand of candy manufactured by the company Dutch Perfetti Van Melle, sold in several countries. Sold in packs of fourteen pills. The flavors of the instruments are many, but the former were of mint (hence the name). The most popular flavors are usually those of orange, strawberry, and grapefruit.

Your advertising is very creative. He has also appeared in several series, pictures, movies. Some campaigns have been very popular, such as the “sugar-free Mentos” in which out various birds, chickens and parrots singing, squawking and whistling to the rhythm of the song, “No, no, no, no sugar”(“without sugar”). The song “The Freshmaker” is parodied in several films.

But undoubtedly, the best instruments for advertising has been the expectation created when it was discovered a reaction type geyser causing add a few instruments in carbonated drinks, usually cola. Someone posted a video online of this reaction, and from the many people have tried to do this experiment, which has increased sales of instruments. This reaction, which is physical, has also led to the creation of a false myth that says if this product is ingested together with a carbonated drink cola, may cause an explosion in the stomach.