Málaga CF Logo – The Málaga Football Club is a club of professional football in the city Spanish in Malaga. Plays in the Premier League, officially called Liga BBVA. Since June of 2010 is owned by the Sheikh catarí Abdullah bin Nasser Al Thani, being the first sheikh to become majority shareholder of a Spanish football club.

Although the first team in the city of Malaga was established in 1904, a series of disappearances and mergers resulted in the establishment of the historic Club Deportivo Málaga in 1923. The current entity was created on May 25 in 1948 under the name Club Atlético Malagueño from St. Thomas Sports Club, in order to practice as a subsidiary of Club Deportivo Málaga above, do so until the disappearance of same in 1992. After take over as team representative malaguista, starting from the lower ranks, CA Malagueño partners voted for the change of name to Malaga Football Club, becoming also in sporting society. Team Malaga CF is a subsidiary of the Athletic Malaga, who is currently in Group IX of the Third Division in Spain.

The best times of malaguismo develop in the early years of the 1970′s and 2000′s, specifically in the seasons 1971/72, 1973/74, 1983/84 and 2002/03, season in which, after winning the Intertoto Cup, played in the UEFA Cup.