Logitech Logo – Logitech is a company dedicated to the electronics that manufactures peripherals for computers personal, mainly mice and keyboards. The company “Logitech” was founded in 1981 in Switzerland. Initially devoted to the production of mice OEM spreading rapidly to direct sales of peripherals for personal computers (PC). Currently the company generates sales of more than 1,000 million dollars a year, almost all by products such as mice, keyboards and video cameras cheap, under $ 100. Logitech earned his reputation as a technology innovator in the competitive business of personal computer peripherals.

logitech logo

logitech logo

Among other things, was the first company to introduce a mouse that would work with infrared light instead of the sphere, and the first to launch wireless mice and keyboards. Logitech apart from the competition for its continuous innovation (in 2003 introduced 91 new products), its prestigious brand and its strong presence in stores. Also important but less obvious to consumers, was the way the company set up its global value chain to reduce production costs while maintaining the values that underlie their differentiation.

Logitech still performs its basic work of research and development (mainly software programming) in Switzerland, which has 200 employees. The company is still legally Switzerland, but the direction of the corporation is in Fremont, California, close to many high-tech U.S. companies and which has 450 employees. Fremont also performed research and development (provided programming software). But most important is that Fremont is the center of global marketing operations, finance and logistics company. The ergonomic design of Logitech products (its look and feel) what makes a company in Ireland freelance designer. Almost all Logitech products are manufactured in Asia. The expansion of Asian manufacturing Logitech began late 1980, when he opened a factory in Taiwan. At that moment, produced almost all mice in the United States.

Logitech tried to win the two most prestigious manufacturing customers original: Apple Computer and IBM. The two bought their mice Alps, a Japanese firm which provided Microsoft. To attract targeted clients like Apple, Logitech not only needed the ability to produce large volumes at low cost, but also had to deliver a better product design. The solution: manufacture in Taiwan. The cost was a factor in the decision, but not as important as expected, as the direct labor amounted to just seven percent of the cost of the Logitech mouse. Taiwan provided the basis of well-developed supply of spare parts, qualified staff and a local computer industry is rapidly expanding. As an incentive for budding innovators, Taiwan offered space in the Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park for the modest sum of $ 200,000. Logitech thought it was a deal too good to pass up and signed the lease. Soon after, Logitech won the manufacturing contract with Apple. Later, the factory produced more than Taiwan’s U.S. facilities. After the contract with Apple, started operating from Taiwan other Logitech manufacturing business, the total plant capacity increased to 10 million mice per year.

Logitech operates in Europe through its headquarters in Romanel-sur-Morges, Switzerland. Its stock symbol is LOGN. It has a subsidiary in the United States (Fremont, California) which operates under the stock symbol NASDAQ of LOGI. It also has offices in Taiwan and Hong Kong (Asia), where their factories. The company has international presence through 65,000 points of sale located in over one hundred countries. It currently has over 7000 employees worldwide.