Leica Camera Logo – The Leica Camera AG ( Leica: Abbreviation for Lei tz (magnetic) Ca camera ) is a publicly traded German companies in the optical industry with headquarters in Solms . The company specializes in the manufacture of cameras and binoculars. Leica Camera AG was formed in 1986 from the Ernst Leitz Wetzlar GmbH , the successor company of the Carl Kellner 1849 in Wetzlar , founded Optical Institute .

Leica Camera Logo

Leica Camera Logo

With the Leica cameras became established, the small format 24×36 mm. In comparison with other available medium format cameras with roll film or bulky large-format cameras can be transported much more easily and quickly used. This advantage was first described by an artistic and journalistic vanguard detected. It developed a new kind of dynamic reportage photography . Leica cameras have been widely copied around the world, or copied. One of the first serious rival companies was Zeiss Ikon with the Contax .

The first Leica Ia had a fixed lens. Very soon, however, the lenses were replaced on an exchange thread ( Schraubleica ), which thus became the Leica system camera . This rangefinder camera with interchangeable threaded to the postwar period was steadily developed. Since 1954, there is the series “M” ( Leica M ). The old M39-Schraubgewindeanschluss was supported by a bayonet replaced. In addition, the “M” over a range finder, with the same focused and the image is composed. The newest model in the series “M” now has TTL – (flash) exposure metering and aperture priority.

In 1965, the first mirror reflex system camera came from the Leitz-Wetzlar. The Leica Flex was initially purely mechanical. Since the early 1970s was the Leicaflex by the series ‘R’ replaced. The Leica R is larger and heavier than the classical (measurement) Viewfinder Leica offers, but more automatic functions as well as comfort and a greater range of lenses. With the Photokina 2004 with the digital back (“Digital Module R”), Leica R, the first miniature hybrid camera that could be operated either analog or digital. In addition, manufactures or manufactured by Leica Camera AG and its predecessor, simpler viewfinder cameras , film cameras , digital cameras , binoculars , spotting scopes , and slide projectors .

Leica lenses are considered of high optical and mechanical quality. By a high “system compatibility” can be combined cameras, lenses and accessories from several decades. There is a large world-wide scene of collectors of Leica cameras are made for the exclusive limited editions.