James Bond Logo – James Bond ( 007 ) is a fictional character created by British novelist Ian Fleming in 1952 , the year he published his first novel, Casino Royale , where the author refers to Bond as a secret agent . Bond stars in their own adventures which have one thing in common: their work as international spy and the adventures that take place with each mission. His profession gives the name of an undercover agent with “license to kill”, member of the Secret Intelligence Service British -now known as MI6 .

Although initially made ​​famous through the novels , now is probably best known for his series of films created by EON Productions , and although there have been two independent films and an adaptation U.S. of Fleming’s first novel under legal license, only the EON films are generally considered “official” in the saga of the character.

In 2007 , took place in France a conference organized by the French National Library , the universities of Nanterre and Versailles Conservatory and European Audiovisual Studies, called ” Cultural history and aesthetical stakes of a popular series ” , made ​​by various scientists in many areas of international study prepared to analyze scientifically the ‘Bond effect’, we say, not only from the aspect fanatista, but in an area of study and analysis.