Hollister logo
Hollister Co., HCO, or simply Hollister is a clothing brand style “American Life” of the company Abercrombie & Fitch. Inspired by Southern California, the brand is designed to attract teenagers and young adults ages 14 to 18 years and is sometimes referred to as the look “Brandon Carlson.” The brand sells branded apparel HCO, and only available in stores and Hollister hollisterco.com officers. The brand was ranked the number one brand for teens in the United States.

Hollister made a very few refinements in its brand logo. At the preliminary stage of the brand, the brand uses the logo which has two elements – bird which is the emblem of the brand, and the brand name which was in brown.

Later in 2000, the brand refreshes its logo with an additional third element -finer with the brand location. The refreshed logo simplifies the design of the logo by making it quite tiny in look.

Initially, the clothes with Hollister logos were meant to be only for sports but later on, they added casuals in their list as well. Actually, they had 1922 in the official logo but the customers refused to believe and there was a fall in the sale so they removed that from the logo to avoid that.

Hollister Logo Symbol

hollister Logo png

Hollister logo symbolizes a flying sea-gull that depicts the freedom and adventurous journey. The logo has been made while keeping the customer’s vision in mind. The brand mostly targets young people who also possess the same intentions. The flying sea-gull represented in the logo is also a symbol of dreamers and sailors. The logo has depicted everything that can attract a youth like beaches, surfing, beach sand and the company was able to execute the idea well.

Hollister Logo Font

It uses a fairly simple typeface. The logo comprises of two text elements – “Hollister” and “California.” The brand name i.e., “Hollister” is written in minimal sans-serif typeface while “California” is written in the serif font. All the letters are capitalized and bold.

Hollister Logo Emblem
Hollister logo

The emblem of the Hollister Logo is a flying sea-gull which is the most striking part of the entire logo. The emblem symbolizes freedom and a never-ending horizon that lure youths. Just like the company intends, most people buy Hollister clothes for the summer season when they love to spend their time on the beach. 

Hollister Logo Color/Background

Usually, Hollister has a wide range of color combinations that it uses on its clothes. So, we can’t stick to a single color. However, the company uses the maroon color combination with transparent background in its official advertisements.