The Harvard University is a university located in private Cambridge , Massachusetts , United States . Part of the Ivy League and is the institution of higher education oldest U.S. Harvard today has, on average, a student population of around 6.650 students undergraduate and about 13,000 of graduate.

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Founded in 1636 under the name New College or the college at New Towne . Renamed Harvard College on March 13th of 1639 , in memory of his benefactor John Harvard , a young cleric who donated to the institution his library of 400 books and 779 pounds (which was half of his estate). In the new Massachusetts Constitution of 1780 is the first time the name change of Harvard College at Harvard University .

During his 40 year tenure as president of Harvard ( 1869 – 1909 ), Charles William Eliot radically transformed the model that was in Harvard University, making it a modern research center, these reforms included elective courses, small classes, and entry into force of the exams. This model has influenced the education of all United States , both in college and in high school. Eliot also was responsible for the publication of the now famous Harvard Classics , a collection of great books from multiple disciplines (published since 1909), offering a college education “in fifteen minutes a day reading.” In his influential presidency, Eliot became so widely recognized as a public figure that his death in 1926, his name and that of Harvard, has become synonymous with the universal aspirations of American higher education.

In 1999, Radcliffe College , founded in 1879 as the Harvard Annex for Women was formally merged with Harvard University, becoming the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study .The Harvard Crimson include sports team representing the university in competitions of its kind organized by the NCAA , and also part of the Ivy League . The teams include the Harvard Stadium (the stadium for football , and that could fit 30,898 spectators), the Lavietes Pavilion (which is the stage of basketball that accommodates 2,195 spectators) and the Bright Hockey Center (the palace for ice sports that accommodates 2,850 spectators). We must also mention that the mascot of the university is named John Harvard . But even if you have 41 different programs, the university offers a program of scholarships .