Harrods Logo – Harrods is the most famous department store in London . It is one of the most famous, largest and most exclusive department stores in the world. The building is located on the Brompton Road in the borough Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in the west of downtown.

The company was founded in 1834 by Charles Henry Harrod set up in 1849 and after Knightsbridge moved. In December 1883 the building was completely destroyed by fire and in the years 1894-1903 in the present form in the style of eclecticism rebuilt. In 1985 the store was from Mohamed Al-Fayed bought. In May 2010, Al Fayed sold the store to the investor Qatar Holding , Qatar . According to media reports, the sale price was 1.5 billion pounds (1.8 billion €). This amount has not been confirmed by Al-Fayed.

Particularly well known is lying on the ground floor food hall with their so-called “Food Halls” and its various facilities in the Art Nouveau style . Also famous is the lighting of the façade, which consists of about 12,000 light bulbs, which need to replace in-house electricians every day about 300. Since 1974, the department store target was three strokes of the IRA . At the last stop of 17 December 1983 killed six people.

The nearest station within the Piccadilly Line of London Underground ‘s Knightsbridge . Here – since 2004 in the pedestrian street called “Hans Crescent” – leads a separately signposted subway access directly in front of one of the entrances of the store. Even if the store is one of the most expensive shops in London, it is open to all people. However, a prerequisite to a proper appearance, so that some carriers of backpacks by the security personnel are reminded that they have this in hand and not to carry on their backs. Also banned the wearing of conspicuous, subcultural clothing (for example, punk or heavy metal fan). In addition, young people may not go in groups and may enter the department store only one of the four inputs. Harrods enjoys similar popularity among tourists as the KaDeWe in Berlin, after the Parliament and Big Ben is very popular in London’s third most common.