Harrods Logo
Harrods is the most famous British departmental store in London. It is one of the most famous, largest and most exclusive department stores in the world. The building is located on the Brompton Road in the borough Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in the west of downtown. The departmental store offers a variety of make-up products and other beauty and skincare products.


The company was founded in 1834 by Charles Henry Harrod set up in 1849 and after Knightsbridge moved. In December 1883 the building was completely destroyed by fire and in the years 1894-1903 in the present form in the style of eclecticism rebuilt. 

Harrods is one such brand that didn’t make any big changes in its logo during its journey. In the beginning, the company used to write “Harrods Limited” in its logo. This was the time when the company tried different styles for its logo. Finally, in 1967, the company settled on the current font styling and since then, the company has the same brand name and font style on its logo.

Harrods Logo Symbol

Basically, Harrods only symbolizes its brand name and its values i.e., fancy products. The logo has only a single element – brand name. The brand is written in a stylish font to give it a fancy look. The logo of this company is made up of minimalist. Despite being simple in design the official logo of the company depicts it luxuries and the very essence of the brand.  The horizontal bar of the letter ‘H’ is slightly elongated which brings some additional luxury in the brand’s name.

Harrods Logo Font


Harrods Logo has its own customized font that has been designed by any designer. Just like many companies out there, the company prefers to go for a customized font to showcase its brand values and to make their logo different from others. The logo of the company is based on scripted word and the official logo first appeared in 1850 as a signature of the founder of the company. The latest design was created by Mínale Tattersfield at the end of 1960. 

Harrod Color/Background

Harrods has a record of different color combinations for its logo on its journey. In the 1960s, the Harrods logo was usually colored in gold with dark green background. While the company has been using olive green color for its logo on stores for decades. However, the company uses gold color as the foreground color for its logo.