FC Bayern Munich Logo
The FC Bayern Munich (in German and officially Fußball-Club Bayern München eV ) is a sports club of Germany, founded in Munich on February 27 of 1900. He is known for its section of football professional who participates in the Bundesliga (Germany).

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The club also competes professionally in various sports sections as basketball, handball, bowling, chess, table tennis, and gymnastics. The highest point in its history came in the mid-1970s when it won three European Cups in a row ( 1974, 1975, and 1976 ). With 22 titles in the German league is the most successful team in the country.  Besides, four European Cups he has won, two Intercontinental Cups you have in your cabinets, and the successful history of Bayern Munich are one of the institutions sports in the world of football.

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The management of the football team is the responsibility of a subsidiary company called club FC Bayern München AG,  from 2002 under the guidance of former player Karl-Heinz Rummenigge,  which manages the economic assets and activities in the stadium Allianz Arena.

The IFFHS has elected six times as the best team of the month.  has more than 100,000 registered members, making it one of the clubs with more partners in the world, along with SL Benfica and FC Barcelona.

FC Bayern Munich Logo Symbol

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The first-ever FC Bayern Munich Logo was inducted in 1923 which was with the company for 30 years. The logo in 1923 comprised of four letters, where ‘C’ formed the frame and the rest of the letters were inscribed inside ‘C’. Since then the company has made several changes to the official logo of the company. Later in 1954 the logo comprised of a red and white circular strip, inside of which FC Bayern was inscribed.

After several more changed the company came with a new logo with blue and white circular strips, inside was a light red thick strip on which FC BAYERN MUNCHEN was written, finally, in 2017 the company made a small change in that and the light red thick stripe became dark in color.

FC Bayern Munich Logo Font

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The font used in FC Bayern Munich Logo is Vectora Black Font and it was designed by Adrian Frutiger in 1990. The color of the font used is white and is written over the red thick strip in circular form.

FC Bayern Munich Logo Emblem

bayern munich logo wallpaper

The Emblem of the official logo is circular in shape and it doesn’t have any other special emblem as such, the name of the company written over it in circular form.