Etnies is an American brand that sells Slipper Skate and casual wear of Lake Forest, California which was bought by Sole Technology Inc and Etnies logo is one of the stylish logos in the world. They have 20 years of making shoes skateboarding. Etnies were one of the first skate and alternative sports brands in the whole world. The company was established in 1986. It was founded by Pierre André Sénizergues and is an original skater owned and operated business. Etnies also maintain their ethical values and always remain dedicated to supporting their environment and local neighbouring.

Etnies logo
In 2003, the largest publish skatepark was opened by Etnies along with the city of Lake Forest with the name of Etnies Skatepark. It covers the distance of around 40,000 square feet not only that Etnies donated free shoes to the homeless people in Los Angeles in 2012 as a part of Easter shoe drive. It is said that the company donated two thousand pairs of shoes to the needy and a video was shot in which the CEO of the company could be seen interviewing the people who received the shoe and they also sponsored to athletes and celebrities.

They have also started several projects for balancing the ecosystem and one of them is ‘Buy a shoe and plant a tree’ in which a tree is planted for every sold item and this project first started in Costa Rica and in 2012 they expanded this project to Brazil.

Etnies Logo Symbol

etnies logo wallpaper

All small characters with some spacing between them. Used font is similar to Bauhaus 93. Symbol starts with an arrow-like structure having a line above and below the arrow forming ‘E’ shape followed by Etnies’ name.

Etnies Logo Font
etnies logo

Font used in Etnies Logo is similar to “Bauhaus 93”. All the letters are bold styled, single lined. One can easily identify its symbol by its font which is unique in its way. The Style of ‘E’ is a little bit different from the rest of the alphabets, it is written in a stylish manner.

Etnies Logo Emblem
etnies logo black

Etnies Emblem is placed before the company’s name, is an arrow structured bold lines seeming like capital ‘E’. It is printed in each of its products which makes it unique from other companies.

Etnies Logo Background Colour

Its colour varies from product to product just as if the shoes are black coloured then its colour will be black the same is for different colours. So the color of the background depends upon the color of the shoes.