Ericsson Logo – Ericsson (full name Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson ) is a multinational of origin Sweden dedicated to providing equipment and solutions for telecommunications , mainly in the fields of telephony , the mobile multimedia and Internet communications. The company was founded in 1876 by ​​Lars Magnus Ericsson , originally as a repair shop equipment telegraphy .LM Ericsson began his journey as a worker in various factories, partly in his native Värmland , partly in Stockholm . After a stay abroad as a scholarship student, created a workshop in 1876 to make physical and mathematical tools. This was the same year that Bell patented the telephone . Ericsson started a few years to make telephones, brought to market in 1878 the first handsets built by him. Soon his invention became known in world markets.

From their workshops, Lars Magnus Ericsson created the corporation A. Ericsson & Co-BLM . created a system of shares divided into A shares and B shares, with the vote of an action type equivalent to 1000 times the voting action type B. This allowed him to have a controlling interest in the company. The company also expanded internationally, with Russia and Poland among the first countries to which Ericsson expanded.