EADS Logo – EADS ( European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company EADS NV ) is the most important European industrial corporation, within the business segment of the aviation and space. Was formed on July 10 of 2000 unifying the companies:



  • Aérospatiale-Matra of France
  • Dornier GmbH and DaimlerChrysler Aerospace AG (DASA) of Germany
  • Aeronautical Constructions SA (CASA) of Spain

In 2004 , EADS employs over 110,000 people in over 70 production centers worldwide. Legally established in Amsterdam ‘s corporate headquarters are in Paris , France, and Ottobrunn , south of Munich (Germany).EADS was formed by member companies in July 2000 to become the second largest aerospace company in size (after Boeing ). EADS is also the second largest manufacturer of weapons of Europe (after BAE Systems ). The company develops and markets civil and military aircraft and missiles, rockets and related systems.

In November 2003 , EADS announced it was considering working with Japanese companies and the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry to develop a supersonic aircraft that would be bigger, faster, quieter replacement for Concorde was retired in October of that year.

EADS is a major contributor to the International Space Station to build the module Columbus , whose assembly was held in February 2008 .