Durex Logo
Durex is a brand used for various products around the world but is known primarily as the brand condoms manufactured by the multinational SSL International, based in the United Kingdom. The name was licensed in 1929 by The London Rubber Company, is an acronym for ” Durability, Reliability, and Excellence “(in Spanish, durability, reliability, and excellence).

It was the first company to use and develop electronic testing. this is the first company to adopt a Global “seal of quality” as standard. In 1995 it introduced a range of flavoured and colored condoms and the very next year they launched their first website.

durex logo

Durex condoms represent around one-quarter of global sales of condoms, making nearly one billion units in its 17 factories worldwide. The range includes sales of Durex condoms nine varieties of a latex condom and the Avanti, which is the first male condom made ​​of polyurethane. They make people allergic to latex can use another type of condom. The polyurethane keeps your user has an allergic reaction, but not the best to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

Durex Logo Meaning & History

Durex is one of such brands that remains consistent with its logo. During its journey, the company has made very small refinements in its logo but the main logo remains consistent throughout the journey. So, you will not find many tweaks in the logo of Durex.

Durex Logo Symbol

Durex logo has two elements – a brand name and a background holder. It has a rounded-rectangular background holder on which the brand name is written. The brand name has been modified a bit to make it look fancy and appealing to the customers. Durex has done a minor change in its logo recently they got rid of the light flare which would originate at the tip of the ‘X’ and has kept it simple and it also got rid of the reflective convex that they used earlier. They have also added one new bespoke typeface named ‘ One Night Sans’ .

Durex Logo Font


Durex Logo uses a customized font, just like other company to make it unique. However, the closest font to the Durex typeface is Century Gothic Font that has been customized by giving a border to the brand name that originates from the letter “X.”

Durex Logo Color/Background


The design uses a simple but striking color combination which is very attractive. The brand uses Blue and White color combination for its logo with the background in Blue and brand name in White.