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Ducati Motor Holding SpA is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer, founded in 1926 in Bologna (Italy) by engineer Antonio Cavalieri Ducati, Carlo Crespi, and three of his children, but it was not until 1952 when they designed their first motorcycle. Currently considered one of the biggest names in the field of commercial and recreational motorcycling.

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In 1925 a society was founded as a manufacturer of radios and radio engineering in general. In 1935 production moved to Borgo Panigale (near Bologna factory above) where you build a new modern factory and with it, Ducati will start to expand into the international market. During the Second World War, the Borgo Panigale plant was bombed and destroyed, was saved and rebuilt machinery factory. 


In 1952 Ducati designed their first motorcycle, the “Cruiser”, equipped with electric start, automatic transmission, and a 173cc engine, achieving great sales and further strengthening the company in the sector. In 1953 Ducati designed its first motorcycle, the model 98 (98 cc), presented at the Salon of Milan in a less developed version still called “Cavallino”, but later sold to 125cc engines. In 1954 Ducati changed its name to the Ducati Meccanica Spa final, and became the new director Giuseppe Montano. 

During the 70 Ducati focused on the area of motorcycle sports, getting big wins, and great fame. After the successful season, Ducati created a commercial version of the one used in the championship, the limited edition 900 SS Mike Hailwood Replica. In 1983 the company was bought by Claudio and Gianfranco Castiglioni and becomes part of Cagiva Group, which under his leadership would get important victories in the sports motorcycle industry created.

Ducati Logo Symbol

ducati logo 2012

The first-ever Ducati Logo was incorporated in 1927 by the company and since then the company has made several changes in its logo. The current official logo is consists of a triangular shield having three colors, red on the top, white in the middle, and grey at last. Ducati is written on the red portion of the symbol while the grey portion has corse written on it.

Ducati Logo Fonts

ducati logo wallpaper

The font of company is very simple in looks, the name of the brand ‘Ducati’ is written with Univers Italic font. The color of the font is white and every letter is written in capital formation.

Ducati Logo Emblem

ducati corse logo

The Emblem of the official logo is triangular in shape and has combination of three colors red, white and grey with Duati Corse written over it. The emblem looks luxury and is very eye-catching.