Dr Pepper Logo – Dr Pepper (pronounced “Doctor Pepper”) is the oldest brands of soda American. Originally handmade in a hardware store in Waco (Texas) by a man named Charles Alderton, the drink had its first success when it was on sale in 1885 (one year before Coca-Cola). Charles Alderton was thus the creator of this drink, but it was the owner of the pharmacy where he worked, a Morrison, who named the drink “Dr Pepper”. It is also thanks to his boss he could produce and sell his invention.

The appearance of Dr Pepper is visually the same as that of a cola soda: brown, and with the same type of bubbles, that is to say extremely bubbly. Its flavor is somewhat reminiscent of bitter almond, who spoke French schoolchildren for long the smell of glue. We get a taste close enough by adding a few drops of cinnamon oil in a soda cola any (6 drops per liter).

Global Market St. Louis in 1904, the drink was distributed to millions of visitors and enjoyed immediate success. After such an encouraging start, Dr Pepper became one of the largest U.S. companies refresh. In 1986, Dr Pepper merged with Seven-Up to form the Dr Pepper / Seven-Up Corporation in turn was bought in 1995 by Cadbury Schweppes plc and to become the largest beverage company outside the Coca-Cola Company.

In Europe, Dr Pepper is distributed throughout the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Belgium, Holland and Switzerland, Dr Pepper is available at the Coop and at Manor. Dr Pepper is not directly distributed in France, but it is possible to find some large supermarket chains, on the shelves “products of the World”. It is indeed imported from Great Britain or Belgium, in the form of cans.

NB: It is also possible to find this drink (Regular, Zero, Diet …) in some English and American grocery stores in Paris, and in some provincial cities a relatively high price. It is possible to find some ferry linking France and the United Kingdom at the normal price exercised in England. It is also possible to buy this drink in Fast Foods happydaysdiner (HD Diner) in packs of 6. Recently some Monoprix sell cans. The sign “Thomas Green” which imports products typically English, Dr Pepper offers very attractive prices in some cities in France (including Lille). Some retailers also offer Casino cans for about € 1.5 since late 2011.