Dr. Martens Logo – Dr. Martens is a brand of shoe, often known as Dr. Martens, Doc Martens, Docs or DMs. The brand is characterized by air-cushioned sole, dubbed bouncing soles (‘soles robust’), developed by German Dr. Klaus Martens. The boots have been especially popular among writers, skinheads and punks.

Klaus Martens was a doctor in the Wehrmacht during World War II. While the war ended in 1945, he injured his ankle while skiing in the Alps Bavarian. He realized that his standard army boots were too uncomfortable on the injured foot. While recuperating, he designed improvements to the boots, with supple leather soles with air. When the war ended and some Germans looted valuables in their own cities, Maertens took Dr. leather shop of a shoemaker. With that leather he made ​​himself a pair of boots with the now-famous air-cushioned soles.

Martens did not have much luck selling his shoes until he was reunited with an old university friend, Dr. Herbert Funck, in Munich in 1947. Funck was intrigued by the new design of the boot and the two went into business that year Seeshaupt, Germany, using discarded rubber from airfields Luftwaffe. The comfortable and durable soles were a big hit among housewives, 80 percent of sales were to women over age 40.

Sales had grown so in 1952 they opened a factory in Munich. In 1959, the company had progressed so that Martens and Funck considered for sale on the international footwear market. Almost immediately, British shoe manufacturer R. Griggs Group Ltd. bought patent rights to manufacture shoes in the UK. Giggs turned into English the name (the name changed Maertens boots to Martens, since the latter was more commercial), slightly re-carving the heel for better, added the trademark yellow stitching and trademarked the soles as AirWair.