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Domino’s Pizza is a multinational company of fast food, specializing in pizzas. Today is the second string of such largest United States and has 9,000 stores under a franchise in over 60 countries. The company was founded in 1960 in Ypsilanti ( Michigan ) by Tom Monaghan, and over the years was expanding its business throughout the country. From 1998 belongs to the private equity fund Bain Capital, and in 2004 began trading on the stock exchange.

In 1960, Tom Monaghan and his brother James bought “Dominick’s”, a small pizzeria in Ypsilanti ( Michigan ) for $ 500, and started working on it. Soon, his brother James sold half of its business for a Volkswagen Beetle at second hand, and so Tom took the entire business.

dominos pizza logo

When done with two more stores in the state of Michigan, Tom renamed in 1965 to their businesses as “Domino’s Pizza”, coming to have in ten years with 200 stores throughout the United States. The group achieved much popularity in 1973 thanks to an advertising technique later imitated by other brands, which guaranteed a free pizza at home if it took more than 30 minutes to surrender.

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In 1975 the group had to stand trial with the sugar Amstar Corporation, maker of Sugar Domino, alleging that the pizzeria has violated the rights of its brand. The litigation lasted five years and was finally resolved in favour of Domino’s Pizza, which could maintain its trademark. In 1981 the group opened their establishment number 500, and in 1983 reaches 1,000 stores with its first locations outside the United States: one in Winnipeg ( Canada ) and one in Queensland ( Australia ).

Domino’s Pizza Logo Symbol

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We all are very familiar with the Domino’s pizza logo, the square on the logo symbolizes the pizza box and the three dots on the logo depicts the first three domino’s restaurants. They first decided to add a new dot whenever they opened a new store but that idea didn’t work.

The first-ever logo was designed in 1965 and it had two red squares with two dots on the left-sided box and one on the right one’s and later in 1975 it included the name Domino’s pizza and was facing to the east later that was also changed in 1996 and the latest logo that the company uses has two cubes one with the blue color has two dots and one with the red has one and Domino’s written below it.

The red color in the love stands for love and the blue color represents strength. 

Domino’s Pizza Logo Fonts

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The font of Domino’s pizza logo is not complex, the current logo has ‘Domino’s’ written below the two cubes. The letter ‘D’ is in capital letters and an apostrophe before the letter ‘S’. The color of the fonts is white. 

Domino’s Pizza Logo Emblem

Domino's logo png

The emblem of the Domino’s Pizza logo is very simple, it had two cubes one is blue in color and has two dots  and the other is red in color and has a single dot.