Denny’s logo
Denny’s is the largest chain of full-service family restaurants in the United States. Operates over 2,500 restaurants in the United States, Honduras, Canada, Curacao, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Venezuela, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand and Puerto Rico. Denny’s is known for its service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts for twenty-four hours a day. Denny does not close on holidays or at night, except where required by law.

Denny's logo history

Denny’s was founded under the name Danny’s Donuts in 1953 by Harold Butler in Lakewood, California. Butler widened to 20 restaurants for 1959, was when he renamed the chain to Denny’s. The business continued to grow and by 1981, there were over a thousand restaurants in all 50 states of the USA. States. In 1977, Denny’s introduced the still-popular Grand Slam breakfast. In 1994, Denny’s became the largest corporate sponsor of Save the Children, USA.
Denny's logo history

The headquarters of Denny’s was located in Irvine, California until 1991. At that time, the main office was moved to Spartanburg, South Carolina headquarters of Trans World Corporation parent who acquired Denny’s in 1987. Eventually, Denny’s operations dominated the parent company to the extent that the Corporation, after several name changes, became simply Denny’s Corporation.

Denny’s Logo Symbol
dennys logo

The First-ever Denny’s logo was introduced in 1953 and it remained with the company till 1957 and the logo had Denny’s Donut inscribed in it. Ever since then the company had made several changed in its official logo. From 1957-1969 the company went with a very simple yet classy logo which had just the name of the brand, ‘Denny’s’.

Later The company incorporated a new logo which had Denny’s restaurant embossed in it. Afterwards, the company launched a new logo with the brand’s name in red and the background yellow and green. Finally, the company incorporated a new logo and they removed the green background and the company is using this logo from 2002.

Denny’s Logo Fonts
Denny's logo history

The Official Logo font is very simple yet elegant, the font was designed by German typeface Paul Renner and the font is called Futura Condensed Bold and it was incorporated by the company in the 1920s. The font was officially released in 1927.

Denny’s Logo Background

dennys logo wallpaper

The Denny’s  Official logo looks similar to that of pizza hut and is very eye-catching. The background used in the logo is yellow in color. Earlier the background was a mixture of yellow and green but later the green color was removed. The combination of yellow and red color looks effective.