DC Shoes Logo – DC Shoes is a California company specializing in shoes for extreme sports, including skateboarding , snowboarding , BMX , motocross and surf and urban wear. The company was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Vista, California . DC originally began as ‘Clothing Footwear Droors’ but after the sale of Droors Clothing (now defunct), the company was renamed simply DC Shoes. On March 10, 2004, Quiksilver acquired DC Shoes for a total amount of 87 million U.S. dollars .

The company was founded in 1993 in Vista, California , County of San Diego by Ken Block and Damon Way (brother of the skateboarder Danny Way Professional). Mainly because they hired the services of an accountant, Clayton Blehm thus becoming the third founder of the company. However, Blehm would nine years later wrapped in a dark suit with Billabong to buy DC Shoes, which caused a severe financial penalty Blehm and his subsequent dismissal of the California company.

Originally, DC Shoes was born as “Eightball” making shirts for stores only skate , but would soon receive a letter being warned that there was already a company with copyright registered in the name of “Eightball” precisely. The founders created a new clothing line called Droors Clothing , which would be called Droors Clothing Footwear to end definitively and DC Shoes. The company soon received the support of bands like Cypress Hill , Beastie Boys , Mike Shinoda (MC Linkin Park ) Limp Bizkit or Blink-182 (its battery , Travis Barker , made ​​his own shoes on and Mike Shinoda (MC Linkin Park ) also conducted their own, the “DC MS Remix” and “DC Travis Barker remix”), magazines as well as snowboarding and skateboarding . The three founders also created subcompañías like Dub Snowboard Clothing .

DC Shoes was making all kinds of material for extreme sports like skateboarding, surfing , snowboarding, BMX, motocross and recording videos like the DVD ” The DC Video “starring Danny Way, professional skateboarder and brother of one of the founders, Damon Way .

The company and the DC team Snowboard launched their own videos in the snow . MTN.LAB released in September of 2005 , while MTN.LAB 1.5. did two years later, in October 2007. In this new DC team travels places like Chile , Finland , the British Columbia Canada , Sweden or New Zealand . This DVD , in principle, would be appointed MTN.LAB 2.0, ie, the sequel to MTN.LAB, but the poor snow season in Utah did reconsider the ironic name and add 1.5.