Dallas Cowboys Logo – The Dallas Cowboys are a professional team of football belongs to the Eastern Division of the National Conference (NFC) in the NFL. Are based in the suburb of Irving in the city of Dallas, Texas and get their home games at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. Dallas has been one of the most successful teams of the modern era of the sport with five victories in Super Bowl championships and eight of their conference.

The Cowboys have more victories (42) in games of Monday night than any other NFL team and also have records of most consecutive winning seasons (20, 1966 to 1985) and most seasons with at least 10 wins (25). They are the team with the most postseason appearances (30, including another league record of 58 postseason games, winning 33 of them), more division titles with 21, the second most appearances in the games NFC Championship (14) and shares the record for most Super Bowl appearances (8). They were the first team in history who won three championships in four years (something that has only been equaled by the New England Patriots) and are behind the Pittsburgh Steelers the second winningest team in Super Bowl tied with the San Francisco 49ers.

The Cowboys are one of the most popular teams in the NFL inside and outside the United States. His drawing power within the country can be exemplified by its NFL record of consecutive games with stadiums full. The streak of 160 regular season games and playoff tickets sold with all began in 1990 and includes 79 home games at Texas Stadium, and 81 on the road.