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Dairy Queen (abbreviated to DQ, Dairy Queen ) is a chain of international ice cream and restaurants of fast food. Founded in 1938 by John McCullough and since 1940 has used a franchise system to expand its operations internationally. Your franchise is the largest in Texas. Dairy Queen International is the parent company of Dairy Queen, which operates under the title of American Dairy Queen in the United States.

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At the end of its fiscal year 2006, Dairy Queen has reported that more than 5,600 stores in more than a dozen countries; about 4,600 of its stores, or approximately 85% are in the United States.

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Sherb’s was the name of a small ice cream shop that opened in South West Avenue in Chicago, Illinois on August 4th of 1938. The store owner, thirty-year-old Sherwood Dick “Sherb” Noble, a native of Clemons, of Iowa, an active member of the Masons, had been associated with dairy products from their adolescence. What his customers were offered that day in Kankakee, a new semi-frozen, “soft serve” dairy product formulated by a recent acquaintance and new business partner, JF McCullough. The Dairy Queen companies and franchises Sherb Noble recognized as the “original Dairy Queen operator.”

Dairy Queen Logo Symbol
Dairy queen logo vector

The company has not made several changes to Dairy Queen Logo ever since its incorporation in 1940. Earlier the symbol of the logo consists of the name of the brand written in capital formation and in black color. Then the company decided to upgrade its logo and the latest logo that the company uses consists of the letters ‘D & Q’ written on a red-colored leave shaped background.

The official symbol might simple but it never fails to convey its message through its logo and that’s what makes it look different. The symbol also consists of two curved strips, orange and blue in color and they are present above and below the name of the brand.

Dairy Queen Logo Fonts

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When the company was formed in 1940 the logo was consist of the name of the brand and it was written with all the letters in capital formation and the color of the font was black. The current logo uses a very simple font, the color of the present logo is white and the letter ‘D’ and ‘Q’ is written in capital forms.

DairyQueen Logo Emblem

Dairy queen logo transparent

The Emblem of the dairy Queen Logo is very simple and attractive in looks, the company uses a leave shaped red-colored background and two stripes each of orange and blue in color and are placed above and below the brand’s name.