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Daihatsu (ダイハツ) is a Japanese manufacturer of cars, especially the segments A and B. The Daihatsu source goes back to the factory internal combustion engines Hatsudoki Seizo Co., founded in Osaka in 1907, which produced its first vehicle with 3 wheels in 1930 and in 1951 adopted the name Daihatsu Motor Co. Toyota’s participation data 1967 and in 1999 became its subsidiary Daihatsu.

daihatsu logo

In 2004, Daihatsu built 965,295 vehicles (including commercial vehicles), an increase of 7.6% compared to 897,116 last year. 90% of the production of mini cars Daihatsu corresponds to less than 660 cc engine capacity for its domestic market and other Asian countries, taking advantage of this category has a preferential tax treatment in Japan. It also manufactures light commercial models.

Daihatsu logo history

Belongs to Group Daihatsu Toyota (which owns 51.6% of the shares) the largest manufacturer in the world. It specializes in producing cars in small format, high performance and low emissions. In partnership with Toyota, Daihatsu cars assembled in Colombia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Pakistan and Venezuela. It also researches and develops alternatives to conventional engine technologies. Prototypes presented HVS (hybrid sports car) based on hybrid technology combining an electric motor with an internal combustion engine.

In 2007 856,200 vehicles manufactured Daihatsu, 21.1% less than in 2006. Of this total, 711,600 were passenger cars and 144,600 commercial vehicles. That same year he returned to Chile Daihatsu’s hand Toyota to market the Terios models Wild, Advantage Terios, Copen, Sirion and Cuore, however, only arrived at the South American country in its 2 variants Terios and Copen that less than one year of its marketing was recalled.

Daihatsu Logo Symbol

Daihatsu logo png

The Daihatsu logo doesn’t have a particular symbol but the way the name of the company is written on the logo makes it look astonishing. The logo uses a letter ‘D’  which is inscribed above the name of the company. The company has tried to keep it simple and that’s what’s makes this simple and beautiful.

Daihatsu Logo Font
Daihatsu logo png

The font of the official logo is capital in letters and has spacing between each of the letters. The fonts are very simple in look. The logo that the company used in 1957 resembled a hieroglyphic Japanese letter and later the company stopped using the complex fonts. After the company changed its logo in 1960, it was because of the change in fonts and color of the logo that became the central them of shift


Daihatsu Logo Emblem
Daihatsu logo png

The company doesn’t use any complex emblem it has a letter ‘D’ written leaned towards its left and the curve of the letter ‘D’ is slightly elongated and is oval in shape.