Crystal Palace Logo – formally Crystal Palace Football Club also known as The Eagles (The Eagles) – is an English football club from the capital, London . Since the 2005/06 season he played in the Football League Championship , the second English league.Crystal Palace was in 1905 based on the Sydenham Hill. Today there is the National Sports Centre. During the 1.Weltkriegs had to leave the club and its founding site first moved to Herne Hill to.

Crystal Palace Logo

Crystal Palace Logo

After a short time then they moved in 1918 to The Nest on, which is opposite the venue for today’s Selhurst Park. During this time the club was 1920/21 for the first time participated in the English league and became the first champion of the Third Division South . For 1924/25 season the club moved into Selhurst Park and rose again this year from the Third Division South.

Crystal Palace remained there until 1958 , when they entered the newly formed Fourth Division descended. In the years 1961 , 1964 and 1969 followed up the climbs in the First Division , where she remained for four years, to then return to the Third Division dismount. That’s when one of the biggest success of the club’s history, as Crystal Palace as a third division side until the semifinals of the FA Cup 2-0 at Southampton failed. Along the way they beat including the Chelsea , Leeds United and the Sunderland and thus reached the first third division almost the final.

In the years 1977 and 1979 rose Palace then Terry Venables back into the First Division to where they remained for two years. In 1979 the club achieved promotion on 11 May with 51 482 spectators against Burnley FC ‘s previous attendance record. In 1989 the renewed rise in the First Division followed by the decisive victory in the final playoff game against Blackburn Rovers . In the following season, Palace reached by a 4-3 victory over the Liverpool , the FA Cup final against Manchester United , the only one in the replay on 17 Lost in May 1990.

The season 1990/91 was the most successful for the team since the first one ZDS Cup win and finished the season in third place. In the year 1993 was followed by relegation from the Premier League , in which one but immediately rose again. in 1995 it rose again and returned in 1997 with a 1-0 victory in play-off final against Sheffield United back into the English Elite League, from which one However, once again relegated again. In 2000 the millionaire Simon Jordan took over the club. in 2004 was followed by the renewed rise in the Premier League. After only one season in 2005 but it went back into the now Football League Championship -called second English league, in which the association is located ever since. There, the team finished second in the 2005/06 season in sixth place, reaching the play-offs failed to promotion to the Premier League, but in the first playoff round at Watford .

2006 he founded the club a twin club in the United States. Crystal Palace Baltimore plays in the USSF D2 Pro League , the second-highest American League. During the 2009/10 season the club had to file for bankruptcy. He took the game but still operating in some of the Football League Championship. Crystal Palace by the Association received a penalty in the form of a deduction of 10 points, but managed just under the top flight.