Croatia National Football Team Logo – The selection of football in Croatia is the country’s representative team in official competitions. His organization is in charge of the Croatian Football Federation , which belongs to UEFA . The selection of Croatia was born in 1990 after the breakup of Yugoslavia . Before that event, the Croatian players played in the Yugoslavia national football team . For a short period during the Second World War and the invasion of the Axis powers to the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, there was an independent Croatian state played a total of three games between 1940 and 1942 , and is considered as the first pick of Croatia .

Since its debut independent selection, Croatia has played in four preliminary phases of the World Cup and has qualified for the Final three times.Croatia played their first international match on April 14 against Switzerland beating this by 4:0, but on October 17 of 1990 debuted as the present Republic of Croatia beating people by 4-0 to the United States .

In 1996 he debuted for the first time in the Championship where he left the minimum winning by Turkey , and then overcome by 3:0 on Denmark and end up losing 0:3 against Portugal . In Quarter Final selection of Croatia defeated by 1:2 falls into the hands of Germany . Staying with the 7 th place overall in the tournament table.

In 1998 Croatia debuted in the World Cup . The relatively unknown Croatian team occupy one of the best places beyond the stage after winning Group 3:1 to Jamaica and then surpass Japan by 1:0 and you finally suffer defeat of 1:0 at the hands of Argentina . In Final Round of the Croatian squad can overcome the slightest difference to Romania , then in Quarterfinals last thrashing the European champions overcame Croatia on to Germany by 3:0. Since the selection falls in semifinals defeated by 1:2 against France who later became world champion in the tournament. Consolidation in the match for Croatia than for 2:1 to Netherlands . In Croatian player Davor Šuker was chosen as the tournament top scorer with 6 goals.

In 2002 participated in the World Cup 2002, which did not pass the group stage after losing 0:1 to initial face Mexico , and then win a 2:1 against Italy and end up losing again 0:1 this time at the hands of Ecuador . 4 years later participated in the 2006 World Cup which also exceeded the group stage, which debuted last losing 0:1 against the champion, Brazil . Achieved after a scoreless draw against Japan and ends up getting a 2:2 against Australia .

For the Euro 2008 for Croatia pointed as one of the favorites and with a style of play very good. where debut winning by 1:0 to Austria , then beat one of the largest in Europe, the Croatian team overcame by 2:1 over Germany and now to close to 1:0 group than in Poland opened its passage Rooms as leader of the group B. In Quarter Final selection of Croatia faces Turkey where 1:1 draw with it for so the match is defined as criminal, in criminal falls Croatia defeated by 1:3. Although this exceeded the 7th place achieved in the Euro 1996 staying with the 5th place. Croatia had the unbeaten home record in the world, having never lost a home game but this record ended when he lost 4:1 against England at the 2010 World Cup qualifiers.

Croatia National Football Team Logo

Croatia National Football Team Logo