CONMEBOL Logo – The South American Football Confederation ( better known as CONMEBOL or CSF , is the confederation of associations of football national South America . Founded on July 9 of 1916 in Buenos Aires , a confederation was first created, almost 40 years before the following to conform. It is based in the city of Luque ( Gran Asuncion ) Paraguay and is associated with FIFA . This and the UEFA are the only confederation that have won the FIFA World Cup in its 19 editions and 10 European titles -9.

Conmebol comes from the acronym used in the newswire reported: With federation Suda me rican Fut bowl . CONMEBOL born of the realization of a tournament between the South American countries. The first Copa America (at the time, South American Championship Selections ) held in 1916 in Buenos Aires also as a way to commemorate the centenary of Argentina Independence was the beginning of this organism, originally composed by the associations of Argentina , Brazil , Chile and Uruguay . Subsequently, the remaining South American associations joined CONMEBOL: Paraguay ( 1921 ), Peru ( 1925 ), Bolivia ( 1926 ), Ecuador ( 1927 ), Colombia ( 1936 ) and Venezuela ( 1952 ). Associations of Guyana , Suriname and French Guiana chose to join the Confederation of North America and the Caribbean, CONCACAF .