Colorado Rockies Logo – The Colorado Rockies are a deductible Baseball Major League Baseball based in Denver Colorado. They evolve in the Western Division of the National League. Denver tries, unsuccessfully, to acquire a franchise MLB during the 1980s. The Pittsburgh Pirates are particular targets of these transactions. Following an expansion of the National League in 1993, the Colorado Rockies finally saw the day. They start competing on 5 April 1993 against the New York Mets at Shea Stadium. Four days later, the Rockies make their first outing at home and signed their first win, 11-4 against the Montreal Expos.

This match is held at Mile High Stadium before more than 80,000 spectators. Despite disappointing results logically, franchise expansion forces, 4,483,350 spectators rushing the stage during this season and is the kind of record in MLB. After the meeting of 17 April 1994 counters Expos, Rockies appear for the first time more wins than losses (6-5). This good start is not confirmed, and the franchise spends the rest of the season with a negative balance, finishing 53-64.

In 1995, Rockies inaugurate their new stadium: Coors Field. They will require seven times during the first eight matches played. This momentum, Denver wins the right to match in the playoffs after finishing second in West Division with 77 wins to 67 defeats. Faced with the Atlanta Braves, Rockies inclient is in the first round of the playoffs by three wins to one. It was not until 2007 to review Denver at this level.