Club Penguin Logo
Club Penguin is a massively multiplayer online game involving a virtual world that contains a variety of games and activities developed by Club Penguin Entertainment (New Horizon Interactive). Use the penguins as main characters in the game, where they can walk, talk, play minigames and participate in activities with other players in a virtual place covered with snow. Having been tested in its beta phase, Club Penguin was opened on October 24, 2005, and since then has expanded to form a large online community until, in late 2007, has stated that this game has more than twelve million accounts.

club penguin logo

Although they have free memberships available, the main source of income is made ​​up of paid memberships that allow users to access additional features such as buying clothes, furniture and pets (called puffles) for penguins. The success of Club Penguin New Horizon was caused subsequently acquired by The Walt Disney Company in August 2007 in the amount of $ 350 million, plus a bonus of another 350 million to reach some objectives for 2009.

Club Penguin was developed and was launched on October 24, 2005, when Lance Priebe and Lane Merrifield, employees at New Horizon Productions (which became New Horizon Interactive in 2005) in Kelowna, British Columbia, saw the need to create “social networks for children”, so they decided to build Club Penguin when they were unsuccessful in finding” something that has some social components, but surely, and not just marketed as safe “for their own children. Merrifield and Priebe approached the employee David Krysko with the idea of creating a spin to develop the new product.

Club Penguin Logo Symbol
club penguin logo

The Club Penguin logo is very simple in look, it just consists of the brand’s name ‘Club Penguin’ written on it. The color of the word ‘Club’ is white and that of ‘Penguin’ is light yellow. In 2007 Walt Disney bought the company and from then onwards the company incorporated the word ‘Disney’ in its logo. Earlier it was ‘part of The Walt Disney Company and later it was changed.

Club Penguin Logo Font

The fonts are very simply written. All the letters are in caps lock with ‘Club’ is written above the word ‘Penguin’. The color of the word club is light sky blue and that of the penguin is yellow.

Club Penguin Logo Emblem

The company doesn’t have any particular emblem of its own, the brand was acquired by Walt Disney in 2007 and the logo is consists of the name Disney written above the club penguin.