The marketing Charmin logo is completely different than what the company uses on its products. Charmin uses Bear which the company calls them “The Charmin Bear” on its product along with the marketing logo of the company.

Before 2010, Charmin uses only the main logo and simple bears on its product. But in 2010, the company added flecks of toilet paper to speak to its customers what the company sells. Since then, the company has been following the same logo on its products.


Charmin was first manufactured in 1928 at the Hoberg Paper in  Wisconsin. The Name charming was incorporated from the word charming that was used by their employees. Hoberg Changed its name to Charmin Paper Company in 1950. earlier the symbol represented the Feminine fashion and in 1953 the company added a baby graphics which symbolised its softness.

‘The Charmin Bear replaced Mr Whipple in commercials, the original bear was a light brown color. Three cubs were added in 2001 and in 2007 the company added a blue bear to depict ‘soft’ and red bear for ‘strong’. The charmin Bear was incorporated in 2000

charmin bear

Charmin Logo Symbol
charmin ultrasoft

Considering the main logo of the company, it symbolizes a stream of water flowing through. It has the brand name right above the water stream with a very excellent foreground color that makes the logo looks unique and striking. The company changed the logo in 2010 and the added flecks of the toilet paper to the bear in the logo. The Logo displays two water drops both of them are blue in color. 

The Toilet Paper and the logo continues to evolve but their only moto has been “Stay Fresh” throughout their journey. The water drops in the logo evoke the sense of comfort and it looks fresh. The Present logo that the company uses is in the form of a cloud which depicts the softness of the toilet paper. This current logo was incorporated in 2015.

Charmin Logo Font

As for the logo’s font, there is no information on which font does the Charmin Logo uses actually. It looks like the company has its customized font to make the logo unique from others. the dot above the letter “I” is oval in shape and the shadow of the word Charmin is light blue in color.

Charmin Logo Color/Background

The design uses gradient in its background which is the combination of dark blue and water blue color. At the front, the brand name is in white with dark blue shadows to give it some elevation.