Catania Logo – The Catania Calcio is a football club from the city of Catania , Sicily . Plays in Serie A since the 2005-2006 season.Before Calcio Catania , the city had the Pro Patria, founded in 1908 , and then Catanese Catania and ACF. In 1944 the war disappeared Catania and was founded by the second time as Catanese, who joined the Virtus in the Calcio Catania in 1946 . After three years in Serie C, promoted to Serie B. In 1954 the club promoted to Serie A. But down at the end of the season. Between 1960 and 1966, spent six seasons in Serie A. The team must be in the second division for 4 years and in the 1970-1971 season returns to the top flight. In the seventies, Catania played for 4 seasons in Serie C and 5 in Serie B in 1980 returned to Serie B and Serie A conquest in 1983 , to fall in 1984 . In 1987 down to Serie C in 1993 must start from the first division regional economic problems. In 1994 up to Serie D in 1995 to Serie C2 in 1999 to Serie C1 and 2002 in Serie B . In the 2005-2006 season is second in Serie B and since then played again in the series A.

In late 1950 through 1960 are considered the golden years for Catania Calcio , as they managed to get promotion to the Serie A twice during this time. Its first class of the Series B arrived, when in season 1953 – 54 Catania beat Caglieri and Lombardy side Pro Patria was crowned champion of the division. His first season in Serie A , Catania saw the end to reach a respectable 12 th position, but the club was relegated to the force due to financial scandals (such as Udinese ).

Led by Carmelo Di Bella (who had played for the club in the 30 late) Catania won promotion to Serie B in the season 1959 – 60 . The race for promotion in third place fell to the last day of the season and was very tense. Catania had lost their last match 4-2 to Brescia and Parma needed to get a result against Triestina for the Sicilian club to secure promotion. That’s exactly what happened and Catania had thus won promotion again.

Catania returned to Serie A for the season 1960 – 61 , to begin what would be a six-year veteran. His comeback season was emphatic, as the newly promoted club finished eighth over of the major Italian clubs such as Lazio and Napoli . This season produced several notable victories, but twice beat Napoli and Bologna, Sampdoria 3-0 at home and especially to beat the AC Milan 4-3 in Sicily and then on the last day of the season won 2 – 0 Inter Milan , with the objectives of Castellazzi and Calvanese. This rubs salt in the wounds of Inter, who lost the title this year very close to Juventus .

Four years later, in 1965 also finish eighth in the league, this time over their rivals AS Roma and Messina Sicily. Many notable stars of the club played at this time, for example, midfielders Alvaro Biagini and Brazilian Cinesinho, along with the wing Carlo Giancarlo Danova Facchin and on the side. Catania more held their own among the giants of Italian football, with victories against Juventus (2-0), ACF Fiorentina (2-0) and SS Lazio (1-0).