Cartoon Network Logo – Cartoon Network is a channel of television by subscription created by Turner Broadcasting and dedicated to the animation , being the largest in the world in this type of transfer. Its premiere was on October 1 of 1992 in the United States as its first program broadcast was an episode of Bugs Bunny called Rhapsody Rabbit .This channel is broadcast worldwide via cable and satellite, with versions of its programming various languages.

At the end of 1981 , the cable television conglomerate of Ted Turner had acquired the film library of MGM (which included the old cartoon catalog Warner Bros ), and its cable channel Turner Network Television (TNT) had won a audience with its film library . In 1991 , they purchased animation studio Hanna-Barbera . The Cartoon Network channel was created as a place to take advantage of the considerable amount of material available to Turner animation, and the initial programming consisted exclusively of reruns of classic animated series of Warner Bros. and MGM , with many cartoons of Hanna-Barbera used to fill spaces.

In 1996 , the company Time Warner acquired Turner Broadcasting , which served to Cartoon Network to provide new material, now access the entire archive of Warner Bros in the 50’s and 60 . Thereafter, Cartoon Network started its own production with Hanna-Barbera , creating several new animated series known as Cartoon Cartoons , among which Dexter’s Laboratory ( Dexter’s Laboratory ), Johnny Bravo , Cow and Chicken (in Spain Cow and Chicken , in Spanish Cow and Chicken ), I Am Weasel (in Spain Baboon and Weasel , in Spanish I am Weasel ), The Powerpuff Girls (in Spain The Powerpuff Girls in Latin America The Powerpuff Girls ), and Courage the Cowardly Dog (in Spain Courage the Cowardly Dog , in Latin America Courage the Cowardly Dog ), they share the screen with the classics and some modern series of external production.

The second Cartoon Network logo, used with different variations / colors / styles from the 14 June 2004 until May 28, 2010. Until the decade of 2000 the channel decided to start a new reformation of its programming, gradually replacing the old with new animation series.