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In 1890, pharmacist John J. Canadian McLaughlin opened a factory of carbonated water in Toronto. When McLaughlin began shipping his product to New York in 1919, became so popular that it opened a plant in Manhattan shortly. Today, Canada Dry is owned by Cadbury- Schweppes, but the bottles still carry the original brand reasons. The identification with Canada has produced fluctuations in the consumer market.

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Canada Dry Logo Symbol

Canada Dry Symbol – Created in 1904, Canada Dry Pale Ginger Ale was assigned to the Viceregal household of the Governor-General of Canada where crown and shield is placed on the top of original beaver of its country’s map also “SINCE 1904” is placed above the “CANADA DRY”. In the year of 1970, the company completely removed the outlines of the outlined of its country’s map from its symbol left with the longitude and latitude lines. Currently, the boundary of the symbol is green and golden colored.

Historical Changes in Canada Dry Logo Designs:

In 1904 the Canada Dry logo of the company had a crown placed above and there was a gap between the crown and the silhouette over which “Canada Dry” is inscribed the outline of the silhouette was yellow in color but later in 1980 they changed the outline to dark green and till 1990 the words “Canada Dry” were inscribed within the boundaries of the silhouette.

From 1990 onward the “Canada Dry” crossed the boundaries of the silhouette and the gap between the crown and the silhouette was removed as well. From 2000 onwards they placed the gap again and the color of the crown was changed to silver and ‘since 1904’ was also inscribed above “Canada dry” but from 2000 onward they made one more change and this time they placed hill below  “Canada Dry”.

The logo that is being used in Canada and The USA since 2010 doesn’t have the hill on it and is currently been used.


canada dry logo history


Canada Dry logo in 1958–1990

Canada dry logo at 1990-2000

Canada Dry logo
2010–present (Canada-US):
Canada dry logo
2010-present (International):
Canada dry logo

Canada Dry Logo Font

Bell MT font used, all caps letters tilted slightly to the left side. All the characters are outlined with green color having some white spacing between them. The first two characters ‘CA’ are attached from the bottom. The Characters are placed inside the symbol this way that first and last letter of ‘CANADA’ comes out a bit from it which looks completely perfect.

Canada Dry Logo Colour/Background

All caps red-coloured characters are placed above the white-coloured beaver structured country’s map. Basically one can call it a red and green coloured logo. It is a beautifully designed, nicely placed, and easily readable logo.

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