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Brembo SpA is a company Italian -based Curno, near Bergamo, specializing in systems for braking. The brand is known, notably through its involvement in high-level competition, as in Formula 1 in MotoGP or Superbike. Brembo was founded in 1961 by Emilio Bombassei, initially, it was a small garage.

brembo logo

In 1964, its first factory Brembo brake discs as replacement parts. This production will be followed by the manufacture of other components of the braking system. The company soon earned an international reputation and in 1965, it has 28 employees. In 1972, the firm began to produce braking systems for motorcycles manufactured in Europe, especially the Italian brand Moto Guzzi and become the leader in this segment.
In 1975, Enzo Ferrari Brembo contacts for the company team’s Formula 1 in its stable. The company employs 146 people then. In 1980, the production innovating with Brembo brake callipers made ​​of aluminium. In 1983, Kelsey-Hayes, American multinational producing brake systems from Brembo and the capital in 1985, the number of employees reached 335.

The Italian firm will take over the shares of Kelsey-Hayes ten years later in 1993, and will be listed in Milan in 1995. It then counts 1,115 employees.

The 2000s were marked by numerous acquisitions and partnerships worldwide. In 2003, Brembo Ceramic Brake Systems SpA is founded with DaimlerChrysler AG to manufacture ceramic brake discs. Today, Brembo original team motorcycles MV Agusta, BMW, Harley-Davidson, Ducati and Moto Guzzi and automobiles, as all those produced by Porsche, Aston Martin, Ferrari or Lamborghini.

Brembo Logo and its Features

Just like any other company, Brembo also has its unique logo design that represents the company. Being a disc brake manufacturer for racing cars and bike, the company has designed its logo in such a way that signifies its brand value.

Brembo logo is made of two elements – an icon and brand name aligned in a single plane. The icon shows a disc brake that the company manufactures. On the right side of the icon “Brembo” is written in small letters with a customized font. The company uses a single color combination (foreground – red; background – white) that changes its configuration depending upon the requirement.

It has two different logo versions which the brand uses it as per the requirement. The first one is the simple Brembo logo that has only icon and brand name aligned on a single plane. On the other hand, the second version of the model has two horizontal lines placed at the top and the bottom of the first version to make it look fancy.

As for its usage, the company normally uses this logo on its real-world product and packages. However, it also uses it digitally on its website which is available to download in HD quality in PNG format. The Brembo logo in PNG comes with a transparent background to make it easier to use.

Download the Official Logo

If you want to download the Brembo logo, you can download it right from the attachment below in the PNG format that comes with a transparent background.
Brembo logo transparent