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Brabus, founded in 1977 in Bottrop (Ruhr), Germany, is a high-performance aftermarket tuning company that specializes in Mercedes-Benz, Smart, and Maybach vehicles. Klaus Brackman and Bodo Buschmann established the company in 1977; the name doesn’t have any specific meaning but is derived combining the first three letters of their last names. 

The brand Brabus is driven from Bra of Brackman and bus of Buschmann. Brackman was not interested in going business and particularly in manufacturing vehicles so he sold the shares of the company to Buschmann for 100 euros. The company increases the horsepower and movement to maximise the car’s performance. When a customer buys car directly from Brabus they purchase it from Mercedes and then they modify it according to the customer’s request.

Brabus became the largest Mercedes tuner, other than Mercedes-AMG in the ’90s. Among its competitors are Lorinser, Carlsson, Kleemann, and Renntech. Being the largest tuning company Brabus has a very strong reputation world’s car industry.

brabus logo and icon

Brabus Symbol
Brabus initial icon

BRABUS logo composed of a wordmark and an emblem placed above it. The logo is a sample of a classical visual identity, which reflects- brand’s confidence and authority also its expertise in engineering and design. It is a neat yet infernal logo, which is distinguishable and makes the brand stand out amongst other brands.

Brabus Logo Font

BRABUS Font – The all-caps wordmark, displayed in a serif typeface, black coloured, thick bold lines, and a slightly shrunk right bar of “U” and left bar of “A”. The font neatly displays all the six bold letters with some spacing between them which is visible to the viewer.

Brabus Emblem

BRABUS emblem – works as a brand’s indicator, composed of a circle with the letter “B” enfolded, placed above the wordmark, the emblem features thin fine lines and looks light with an outline on the right side in the brand’s signature monochrome palette. After being placed on the car bonnet, the BRABUS emblem gains thicker and stronger line, which looks luxury in silver-grey color. The letter ‘B’ makes the symbol look classy and luxurious.

Brabus Logo Color/Background

Consummate technology, sophisticated art of engineering, and custom craftsmanship make every BRABUS supercar unique in its class. BRABUS expands various color options like Solar beam, Blue Metallic, and Smaragd Green for every model. The background of the logo is generally matt black and the letter ‘B’ is placed above it.

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brabus logo with B