Blogger Logo – Blogger is a service created by Pyra Labs and acquired by Google in 2003, which allows you to create and publish a blog online . To publish content, the user does not have to write any code or installing server software or scripting. hosted on Blogger blogs are usually hosted on Google servers within the domain As of April 30, 2010, Blogger allowed to publish blogs via FTP .

Launched in August of 1999 , is one of the first publishing tools online blog and is credited for helping popularize the use of forms. More specifically, instead of handwriting the code below and frequently upload new publications, the user can publish his online blog that is updated dynamically, filling a form on the Blogger website. This can be done by any web browser updated and results are immediately reflected. In 2003 , Pyra Labs was acquired by Google, thus also Blogger. Google got the resources required Pyra. Later, the “premium features” that were paid, were qualified for the general public with the help of Google.

In 2004 , Google bought Picasa and its photo sharing utility Hello. This allowed the bloggers to put images on their blogs . Thus Fotolog (or the ability to post photos on blogs) became a reality in the integration of Blogger with Hello. On May 9th of 2004 , Blogger was relaunched, adding new design templates based on CSS , filing individual posts, comments and publication by email . After Google launched a tool called BlogThis! in the Google search bar. The tool BlogThis! opens a new window with a release form that allows users to publish without having to visit the Blogger homepage.

In late 2006 , with the new Blogger Beta, which was made ​​possible much needed in Blogger: the power to publish articles by category or tags (labels) as they are called in Blogger, and the possibility of restricted access to logs for persons invited by a blog administrator, among other functions. Initially the service of Blogger Beta not accommodate changes modifying the code template HTML . Later accounts were migrated earlier to the new Blogger Beta Blogger without entailing any inconvenience to its users. The update to the new Blogger requires the registration of an account of Google and includes, among other improvements, the labeling service items and improved editing interface and publish articles. The new version in no way altered the appearance of online blogs created in the old version, except for some small problems with accents and special characters like the letter ñ . After updating a blog , you may decide to take a step further and modify the code HTML template, taking care, to make a backup of the current template. In July of 2011 , with the arrival of the new social network Google + , a rumor circulated that both Blogger and Picasa will change their names to join the new service social and renamed Google Photos Blogs and Google, respectively, but this information was never confirmed by the company.