BenQ Logo – BenQ Corporation is a company in Taiwan which is headquartered in Taoyuan. The company acquired its independence from Acer December 5, 2001 by being equipped with the communications and multimedia divisions of its parent which is refocusing on production and distribution of computers and monitors.

BenQ today specializes in the design, production and sale of products for consumer electronics such as computer peripherals (keyboard, mouse, monitors, video projectors …), mobile devices (Walkman, MP3 player Joy Bee, digital cameras, phones) and laptops and media centers.

BenQ plants are based in Taiwan and China, its sales in 2004 totaled $ 5.7 billion and 10,100 people were employed. The operation of a group such as BenQ is a special and autonomous subsidiaries are publicly traded, the capital links between these are numerous companies and other major players in Taiwan.