Baltimore Ravens Logo – The Baltimore Ravens are a professional American in football in the National Football League, based in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. The Baltimore Ravens are officially about expansion franchise, which originated in 1996 with the controversial relocation of the Cleveland Browns after Art Modell, then owner of the Cleveland Browns, announced his intention to move the team to Baltimore. Modell’s team was named as the “Baltimore Ravens”, after a fan contest and began playing in the 1996 season.

The Ravens won over the New York Giants in Super Bowl XXXV at the conclusion of the 2000 season. The Ravens are now one of four teams to win their only Super Bowl appearance, along with the New Orleans Saints, New York Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The franchise was founded in 1996 with players from Cleveland Browns. In the same year another franchise was founded was called the Cleveland Browns with new players, but taking the colors and history of the Cleveland Browns team. The team’s name refers to the famous poem written by Edgar Allan Poe, who lived and died in this city.