Baidu Logo – Baidu is a search engine based Chinese Beijing founded in late 1999 by Robin Li and Eric Xu. Its design is similar to Google and includes the ability to search for news, pictures and songs, among other functions. Its name comes from a classic Chinese poem poet Xin Qiji, during the Song Dynasty, about a man seeking the love of his life. In August 2010, is the sixth most visited site on the Internet.

baidu logo

baidu logo estimated that in 2007 users of Internet search engines in China will reach 187 million (compared to 115 million in 2005). However, it may also have problems with the Chinese authorities, which maintain greater control over Internet access in that country.

In 2007, the Beijing Higher People’s Court ruled against the major record companies like EMI, Sony BMG, Warner Music and Universal Music for two years before had denounced Baidu to offer its Internet downloading and reproduction without permission of 137 songs whose copyrights belong to them, requesting that the suspension of service, $ 226,000 compensation and an apology.

Perhaps the most popular Baidu, other search engines like Google do not offer is the possibility to search for audio files ( MP3 , WMA / SWF …). It is used mainly for pop music search in China, and the search results are surprisingly accurate. Baidu can perform these searches because the laws of the Republic of China does not prohibit putting music on the Internet, Baidu is under Chinese jurisdiction.