Bad Boy Records Logo History

It is the record division of the business empire Bad Boy Entertainment, established in 1989 in New York by the rapper/producer Sean Combs, known then as Puff Daddy, now as P. Diddy, whose business and branch out on several fronts: publishing songs, audiovisual production, management, clothing line, restaurants. Puffy led to the founding of Bad Boy Records after a meteoric rise in Uptown Records, where the practices went on to become a great manager.

The Bad Boy Records Logo was completely different than what it is today. The only thing that remains the same until now is the baby boy that can be seen in the logo. When founded in mid-1993, the Bad Boy Logo has the baby boy in the middle with the brand name written at the back of the boy.

With the beginning of 1996, the company modified its logo to make it look better than ever. The new logo gets a broad ring that has the brand name with the baby boy placed in the middle of the ring. The baby boy also got modified a bit to make it quite contrasting to its background. Just like ever, the baby boy still shows while shouting for something.

Bad Boy Records Logo Symbol

Bad Boy Records logo symbolizes its genre for which they are famous. It shows a boy with a hat at his head making it look cool. On the other hand, the baby boy is shown cheering for something. Both of the expressions on the logo symbolizes what the brand wants to speak up to its fans.

Bad Boy Records Logo FontBad Boy record

Although there is no information on which font does Bad Boy Records logo uses, it appears to be a stencil style font that has been distorted to make aged and unique. However, if we have to select on font which is very close to the font used in the Bad Boy Records logo, ‘Top Secret’ font is very close to it.

Bad Boy Records Logo Emblem

Artist and designer

Just like any other company’s emblem, Bad Boy Records emblem looks quite similar to that of the official logo of the company. However, it gets some special effects and depths to make it look broader. Apart from this, it remains the same just like its logo.

Bad Boy Records Logo Color/Background

The Bad Boy Records Logo has only one color combination – black and white. While the background of the logo is white, the ring of the logo is in Black. The brand name is White while the boy has a black outline.