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Babolat is a French company based in Lyon, specializing in the manufacture of sports goods and surgical son. The brand became famous thanks to its know-how to rope in the hose for the natural racket of tennis. The company Babolat is wholly owned by the family of the same name. Babolat sells ropes, racquets and tennis shoes and badminton grips and overgrip, antivibration, tennis balls, shuttlecocks, clothes, sports bags, stringing machines and surgical son.
Babolat logo

In 1875, a year after the invention of tennis official, Pierre Babolat created the first tennis strings in natural casings at the request of English Bussey. Until then, the company Babolat family was specialized in processing sheep casings for sausages, stringed musical instruments and surgical sutures. The rope VS is created in 1925. Babolat became international in 1950. In 1955, the brand makes a first nylon rope through collaboration with businesses and families Witt jersey. In 1958, she launched the Babol, coated to protect ropes hose.

Eric Babolat was named president in 2001. The manufacture of tennis balls was launched in 2001 through a partnership with a subsidiary of the Japanese group Sumitomo, then that of tennis shoes, in partnership with Michelin, through its subsidiary Michelin Lifestyle Limited, in 2003. In 2005, the company adopts a new logo. In 2008, Babolat is collaborating with Emporio Armani for making a racket. The launch of a range of badminton shoes, always in partnership with Michelin, occurs in 2009.

Babolat logoBabolat Logo Symbol

Babolat logo

The company has made several changes in the Babolat logo, earlier in 1930 the official logo had letter ‘B’, ‘M’ and ‘E’ with the blue background and the logo was round in shape followed by the 1970 logo which had BDD written and the letter ‘D’ was an arrow loke shaped which was updated latter in 1980 and the logo had ‘Babolat’ written followed by VS which depicted the use of VS Natural Gut strings which the company had incorporated in 1980. The Logo had two parallel red underlines extended up to letter ‘T’ in Balobat.

Later in 1990 the company again made some changes in the logo and now the Vs was removed and now the Babolat was written with all the letters in capital formation and the horizontal bar of both the ‘A’ was slightly moved towards the right and the ‘O’ was oval in shape with two blue parallel lines placed over the letter ‘O’ and later that year the company also used the logo with the same capital letters but this time the two blue parallel lines were converted into red and the were limited withing the letter ‘O’.  

The logo used by the company had the same letter Used in capital form and they have included an emblem that is placed right before the company’s name and is oval in shape and red in color.

Babolat Logo Fonts

babolat logo wallpaper

The fonts used in the Babolat logo are white in color and the letters ‘B’ and ‘T’ are in capital formation and the others are in small letters. The top horizontal bar of the letter ‘T’ is slightly shifted toward the right.

Babolat Logo Emblem
babolat logo

The Emblem of the official logo is oval in shape and is in the form of a half-opened eye. The two ends of the oval-shaped emblem are red in color separated by two parallel lines in between which there is a half ‘O’ oval in shape.