AXA Logo – The group AXA is a multinational French specialized in the business of insurance and, since 1984, also in asset management. One of the largest insurance groups in the world. Despite what many may think AXA is not an acronym. Was chosen because it can be pronounced easily in any language. In fact, as the name AXA was specifically created so that meant nothing in any language. The origin of the name dates back to 1985.

The AXA Foundation, formerly Winterthur Foundation, was born in 1998 with the aim of promoting and spreading the art, the culture and risk prevention, its constituent pillars of philanthropy since its establishment. Its aim is to disseminate, promote, develop and promote all cultural, artistic and training, specifically in the field of insurance and risk prevention, collaboration and providing the necessary support to private and institutional initiatives that have the intended to meet the cultural demands of civil society in the field of arts, music and literature.

The AXA Foundation also carries out activities aimed at spreading a culture of safety, promoting studies and research in this area and hosting events that promote civic education. In Spain, has established important links with various support institutions for the custody and dissemination of art and culture: the Prado Museum, the Cathedral of Burgos, the Guggenheim Museum, the Liceu in Barcelona, the Teatro Real or the Palaces of la Música Catalana and Valencia.

Its board, currently chaired by Henri de Castries, has always been composed of significant personalities of the company and Spanish culture: Placido Domingo, Javier Solana, Xavier de Irala, Rodolfo Martín Villa, Rafael de Lorenzo and Joan Rigol among others. Some of its leading members currently are: Barbara Allende artist Ouka Lele, the oncologist Mariano Barbacid, journalist Joaquín Bardavío or Iberia chairman Fernando Conte. From 1 January 2008, following the acquisition of Winterthur by AXA, the Foundation went on to receive its current name.