Atlético Madrid Logo – The Club Atlético de Madrid a sports corporation based in the city of Madrid, capital of Spain. The first team of the organization competes in the Spanish League of soccer in First Division. Local exercised in the Vicente Calderon Stadium, venue located in the district of Arganzuela, with a capacity of 54,851 spectators.

On April 26, 1903, a group of students Vizcaya Special School of Mines, formed by Ramon Arancibia and Lebarri, Ignacio Manso Gortázar and Ricardo Gortázar and Manso, and Manuel de Goyarrola and Alderna, decided to start a team subsidiary of the Athletic Club of Bilbao, which was called Madrid.En Athletic Club 1928 became one of the founding clubs of the Spanish Football League, as part of their First Division and in 1992 and in accordance with the provisions of Spanish Law Sport became sporting society.

The president of the entity is the film producer Enrique Cerezo. Furthermore, Felipe de Borbon y Grecia, Prince of Asturias and heir to the Crown of Spain, is honorary president of the club. Atletico Madrid is the third Spanish club more national titles League (9 titles). Also is the fourth club in Spain with more titles Cup and the third most seasons played in Europe.

It was the second Spanish club champion to be crowned world club, winning in 1975 the Intercontinental, and the third to play the final of the European Cup (now called the “Champions League”), final played in front of the Bayern Munich in 1974. Atletico Madrid, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are the only teams in Spain that have been world champions at club level. In August 2011, the IFHHS Atletico Madrid recognized as best club in the same month, having won all official competition matches. A year before he was named fourth best club in the world in 2010 behind Barcelona, ​​Inter and Bayern Munich. Held every year the Madrid derby against Real Madrid, team of the same city which maintains a historical rivalry.